Tree Felling Pretoria East

Tree Felling Pretoria East

With great love and understanding for trees and plants in the Jacaranda City, gardens and flora. Tree Felling is a huge passion for us. We take great care taken to entirely, safely remove unwanted trees, thus leaving your garden clean and neat. When our clients ask us to remove trees from their garden, we listen to their needs and ideas. We enjoy building good relationships with our clients by providing expert stump and tree removal services in these areas: Pretoria East, Lynnwood, Menlo Park, Hatfield, Garsfontein, Wapadrand, Waverley, Willows, Faerie Glen, Pretoria Moot, East Lynne, Brooklyn, Equestria, Olympus and Centurion.

Tree Removal

Removing tree stumps is a tiresome and possibly dangerous job, why not have us take care of the labour? We assess and quote accordingly according to your needs. We make tree stump removal an effortless experience. Our knowledge of tree and root growth is what set us apart from the competition, with over 4-years experience in garden services we are the right company for the job.

Are you looking to prune and shape trees in your garden? Or do you need to recover your overgrown garden from bushes and weeds?

After a tree has been cut down, we also provide a wood cutting service should you choose to use the tree that was removed. Chopping it into small and manageable chunks that you can use for the fireplace or for a braai. These chunks can also be used to make your garden look pretty, placing them in the garden with pots on top, creating more depth in your spice garden.

Trimming and pruning trees, bushes, plants, forests, hedgerows and overgrown gardens at the lowest cost in Pretoria East.

Often when roots start growing up underneath walls, this leads to cracking and structural damage. We ensure that those unwanted roots are completely uprooted. Do not wait until the damage is done, call us today to remove overgrown roots from your beautiful garden.

Why is it worth Trimming Trees?

See the benefits


Trimming a tree to prevent injury of falling branches.


Providing other trees with more sun and opening up space


Often pests can cause trees to die in a garden, then needs to be removed


Opening up a view by removing a tree in the way

Transplanting & Relocation of Trees

We know that our planet needs more trees to be healthy, planting and relocating small trees to other locations can both save space and provide more shade in the future in a given area. Leaving a fruit tree or another beautiful tree for the future generation is something special and ads a lot of value to a flourishing garden. We've been transplanting trees in Pretoria East since 2016.

We are proud to offer affordable and low-cost tree felling prices to our clients.

Palm trees can become dangerous when dead leaves dry out in summer and when those leaves start turning brown they become flammable. Dead palm tree leaves also provide shelter for vermin and they become an eyesore. Pruning trees in Pretoria is what we do best, especially palm tree pruning.

By removing lower hanging branches from trees and trimming shrubs your garden will look majestic. Treefelling leads to more space and possibly opening up views that promote property value. If you are in Midstream, rest assured we also focus on that are for our tree felling services. When we are done cutting down the unwanted tree in your garden, we do a site cleanup to keep your garden neat.